Our Team

Bishop P. Randall & Joy Bowles 

Lead Pastors

Pastor Randy and Joy  have faithfully served our church and community as lead Pastor's for over 20 years. Their dedication to OCOG has led  people to know Christ and establish leaders in other communities. They have raised up sons and daughters to help spread the Gospel throughout the world.

Josiah Bowles

Worship Pastor

Josiah Bowles is very passionate and gifted when it comes to music and leading worship. Josiah spends time weekly pouring into young musicians and singers to build our worship team bigger and develop their skills. Creating the atmosphere that there is always room for others to join the worship team. 

Kevin & Mary Hall

Student Pastors

Kevin and Mary Hall are passionate and loving members of our church that works to create a positive and inviting atmosphere to all students. You can find them both traveling around and being a part of activities that students are involved in. As well as planning creative and fun events for students to be a part of weekly.